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Hank Wietsma, DVM, MS, ABVP Avian


Dr. Hank Wietsma has been a vital part of the veterinary community in Rhode Island for greater than 20 years. He obtained his Bachelor of Science from Fairfield University in 1978, a Master of Science in Reproductive Immunology from Ohio State University in 1981, and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida in 1985. In 1997, Dr. Wietsma became board certified through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Avian Medicine and has maintained certification since. Dr. Wietsma is a past president of the Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association, and current president of the Companion Animal Foundation, a non-profit organization that he helped establish which provides funding for veterinary care to underprivileged owners in Rhode Island. In June 2016, Dr. Wietsma also opened the Pets in Need Clinic in Riverside, Rhode Island, to provide high-quality veterinary care to animals whose owners have faced severe financial challenges. Dr. Wietsma was named the Rhode Island Veterinarian of the Year in 2016! Though he has now since retired from practice, his impact on Rhode Island veterinary services and co-founder of Coventry Animal Hospital will forever be embraced. 

Sam Lester, DVM


Dr. Sam Lester is originally from Massachusetts. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in zoology at Connecticut College in New London. He finished his veterinary training at Tufts in 2008, completed an internship year at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in 2009, and was lucky enough to stay on staff as an emergency doctor for an additional five years. Besides his veterinary degree, Tufts also presented him the opportunity to meet his better and smarter half, Carrie, who is also a veterinarian. Together, they have two beautiful daughters, Claire and Mary, as well as two dogs, two cats, two cows, and two goats!

Fred Ultrasound.jpg
Fred Levy, DVM


Dr. Fred Levy grew up a long, long time ago in a land far, far away (actually, it was just a small suburb of New York City, and it wasn't really THAT long ago, unless you ask his kids). He studied Animal Sciences at Cornell University, and then followed that up earning his DVM degree at Cornell as well. Following graduation, Dr. Levy did his internship training at the Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, took a short, 6 year detour to Gainesville, Florida to practice in an overnight emergency hospital (not quite the beach scene he was hoping for), then settled down in Rhode Island. The following 7 years, Dr. Levy worked at the Ocean State Veterinary Specialists as one of their emergency clinicians before leaving ER work for good to join the ranks of general practice and, eventually, the awesome group at Coventry Animal Hospital. Dr. Levy enjoys just about every part of veterinary medicine, but has a strong lean towards surgery (though, realistically, he mostly likes coming to work for the chance to play with puppies and kittens). He's kept busy at home by his 3 fantastic children, Sarah, Katy, and Tyler, who are continually teaching him new ways to drive a parent crazy, but are also relatively skilled at putting a smile on that parent's face after a long day at work. Other residents of the Levy household are two dogs, Benny and Bogaerts, and a bearded dragon named Odell. Outside of work, Dr. Levy tries to find time to hike with his dogs (always on a leash, in case anybody in law enforcement is reading this), constantly pummel (I mean, coach) his children in whatever sports they are playing that season, and hopefully catch any Steelers or Red Sox games that might be on TV at the time.

Ari Solo.jpg
Ariana Mihailides, DVM


Dr. Ariana Mihailides was born and raised in Rhode Island. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science and Technology from University of Rhode Island, She went on from the smallest state to the smallest province, Prince Edward Island, to get her veterinary degree in 2016. She completed an internship at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists and stayed on as an ER vet for a short time prior to coming here to Coventry Animal Hospital. She has always been an animal lover and started volunteering with Dr. Wietsma in college. When she isn't at work, she is usually with her family, adorable nephews, or her dog, Roxy.

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